FIN 200 Battery Powered Infrared Urinal Control

DMP Electronics
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The 82826 model is a Polished Stainless Steel, Battery operated, Infra-red Urinal Control. Flushes - on leaving for period of 4 to 16 seconds.
The Fin & Flush-in Range:
DMP designers carried out some special systems which are focused on energy savings and strict public hygiene criteria. FIN and FLUSH-IN are two recessed electronic controls for urinals, equipped with an elegant external plate and stainless steel support frame. The product is available in two types: one flushes on approach meaning water flows when someone nears the sensors' range; the second flushes when leaving meaning water flows when someone moves out of the range. There is also a button version, that adds manual operation to the electronic one. The external plate is secured by concealed vandal-proof screws. Electrical power can be supplied by a safety transformer or simple alkaline batteries that last 4 years calculating 200 activations per day. To complete the system, stainless steel floor washing grids are also available.