Class 30 M Battery Powered Under Basin Mixer Electronic Tap

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The 82306 model is a Chrome, Battery operated, under-basin mixer tap.The under-basin mixer prevents users from changing the water temperature in areas where anti-vandal standards are desired. The site owner can set the desired temperature by moving the lever located under the sink. If you require thermo-mixing valves, these are available in our accessory section.

The CLASS range is the only three-photocell electronic tap, more comfortable to use since it can be activated within an ultra-sensitive range of action, 120 degrees wide. It is also an all-in-one product since the electronic and mechanical parts are all included in the body, with great advantages in terms of installation ease. Available in Metal or ABS versions, CLASS significantly contribute to the ecology and the economy because they are able to guarantee water savings which, in considerably intense usages, reaches 80%.

The anti-flooding device (operative 90 seconds after uncontrolled water flow) and IP65 electrical protection provide the user with a high level of safety. Stop taps and solenoid valves contain 4 special filters designed to ensure maximum internal part protection against calcium deposits and impurities. Electrical power can be supplied by a safety transformer or three simple alkaline batteries. Batteries last 4 years calculating 200 activations per day on average.