Cento Electronic Sensor Tap - Battery Powered Pre Mix 180mm Spout

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Minimal in its shape, super-technological in its functions. Cento Tap is a tap that surprises you for its strong but elegant line. But what makes it unique is the electronics, all inside it, that transforms it into a high technology component that can guarantee immediate and substantial water savings. It is available in 3 versions.

Versions Available:

  • With built-in mixer.
  • For cold or pre-mixed water.
  • With under washbasin mixer.
  • (All available in two heights 215 & 250mm and spout lengths 130 & 180mm )
Please contact us to enquire about alternative versions

Power Available:

  • 2 AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries.
  • 230Vac - 5Vdc safety transformer.:

Photocell activation.
Water saving up to 80%.
Hygiene and wellbeing.
Easy to use.
Long battery life.
100% Made in Italy