Hello Tap Dual Sensor Electronic Kitchen Tap

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The worlds first and only auto tap for your home kitchen. Hello is battery operated and available in a wide range of colours to suit your tastes. Hello is also available in curved or angled neck. The beauty of Hello is that is not only looks good, but is totally functional and practical. Dual sensors mean that the tap operates like a standard sensor tap, but also has the ability to run for longer periods to fill sinks or pans, yet leaving your hands free from potential food contamination.

Complete Options Range

Hello Options

Hello has been released in Europe, Canada and the Middle East and demand was unprecedented. so much so It has been hailed as a potential future design award candidate, due to it's beautiful design, yet having significant eco credentials.

Some headline facts:

  • Dual Sensor. One for hand washing and cup filling, the other for longer run times.
  • Auto Close. Hello will shut off automatically when not in use.
  • Mixed. Hello is like any conventional kitchen mixer.
  • Battery. Hello uses conventional AA batteries that will last around 3 years.
  • Style. Well, it is Italian
  • Options. Comes with angled neck or curved neck and in a range of colours (14 in total)

Plenty of colours available, however we do hold stock of black/chrome, white/chrome, chrome/chrome.

Watch this short video to see more about how it works.

Hello Dimensions (CAT_Hello.pdf, 171 Kb) [Download]