Aerated Water Saving Shower Head : Aquair Typhoon

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The most invigorating water saving shower available in the UK! Rapidly becoming the most popular bathroom must have of the 21st Century.
Aquair offers the latest design in style, luxury and performance. Yet it has a secret.... It saves water! And lot's of it. Aquair is designed to deliver an optimum 7.6 litres every minute as opposed to water wasters that deliver 12, 15 or even 25 litres every minute.

The Aquair Typhoon is the ultimate in style and no compromise. Every aspect of the handset has been designed to enhance your water saving experience, It has been designed to offer an invigorating experience, provide good shower performance and ultimately to save water and energy. Harnessing the energy in air and water the Typhoon creates high velocity water inside the body that forces air to mix with water and results in less water, but no less of a flow.

With tens of thousands of Aquairs sold though out the UK each year, Aquair is one of our best selling items, one which we know you will enjoy using day in day out.

Aquair is a WRAS Approved Product.

Designed in Copenhagen by Tandrup exclusively for Aqualogic, the Aquair is the first in a series of products tailored to meet the demands of today's customers, yet remain affordable but adhere to high standards of quality.

Key Features:

  • 7.6 litres per minute maximum flow rate (a typical combi boiler shower flows at around 12 -15 litres per minute)
  • Aerated using optimised and balanced fascia.
  • Large Fascia
  • Rub Clean Nozzles
  • Anti Twist Hose Coupling (hose not included)
  • Flat Profile
  • Self Clearing Head (Water drains when not in use)
  • Ultra Safe (Water is only in contact with high grade WRAS approved materials, no contact with Chrome)
  • The Aquair typhoon can be used on Electric/Instantaneous Showers*
(*With grey coupling, please check instructions before fitting. Incorrect installation may result in damage to electric showers)
This product comes complete with couplings allowing this product to be universally used on low pressure, electric showers and mains water pressure showers.

Product Features

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