Garantia Stone Water Butt and Planter 350 Litres – Lava

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The Stone 2 in 1 Water Butt lets you harvest your rainwater in style! The 2 in 1 capability harvests rainwater from your downpipes, as well as collecting it from the plant-cup top. The modern wavy finish allows this water butt to be the feature of any garden, whilst making the most of the rainwater. This water butt comes with two integrated threads, allowing easy tap connection. The planter cup in the top is removable to make planting as easy as possible, whilst also allowing for the inside of the tank to be cleaned regularly.

  • Modern design in natural pastel colour shades
  • High-Quality and smooth natural stone look
  • 2 functions: rainwater storage and decoration
  • The water tank includes two high quality brass threads for easy tap fitting, plus an integrated plant cup

This water butt comes complete with a filler kit and tap to ensure that you're ready to go in no time at all!