Cloudburst 200 Litre Water Butt Set - TWIN PACK

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A wood grain-effect water butt kit which offers a 400 litre capacity by connecting two Cloudburst 200 litre butts together.

Double your water storage capacity by connecting these two 200 litre water butts together.

With a 400 litre capacity, this recycled plastic, woodgrain-effect water butt kit is made from recycled plastic and contains everything you need to connect one water butt to a downpipe, while linking two butts together to fill from the same source..

The Cloudburst 200 Litre Water Butt Double Kit includes:

  • Two water butts
  • Two Child-safe lids
  • Two Taps
  • Two stands to allow room for a watering can under the tap
  • One Water Butt Link Kit
  • One Rainsaver Diverter Kit to attach one of the butts to a downpipe


2 x 200L Water Butt Dimensions (Including Stand)
Capacity: 400 litres
Height: 1216 mm
Diameter: 680 mm

Product Features

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