Graf Antique Amphora Terracotta 250 Litre Water Butt Tank

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For more than 50 years, the GRAF brand has represented high-quality plastic products. Over five decades, the company founded in 1962 that initially sold plastic containers and has grown to become the European market leader in rainwater harvesting.

The Antique Amphora is a faithful replication of a terracotta vase with each tank being unique due to the manufacturing process with highly elaborate details.

The vase includes an integrated plant section to allow you to personalise it as you see fit.

Water can be extracted with ease using the tap provided. A high-quality brass thread is included for easy installation of the tap without the need for drilling.

The plastic material used is particularly UV-stable and weather resistant.

Dimensions: 79cm x108cm

Weight: 15kg

Diverter Kit not included.

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